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.: O-F :. Ovis Aries - The Black Sheep by leekbun .: O-F :. Ovis Aries - The Black Sheep by leekbun
High Res/Reference Flat Colours:…

    ☾ O V I S . A R I E S ☽

    ❝ Go ahead. Beat me. Bruise me. Knock me to the ground. It's all futile. I've been to hell and back, and you come nowhere close to any demon of mine.❞ 

    » Name: Ovis Aries
    » Title: Sheep
    » Story: Bo Peep
    » Origin: Wonderland
    » Home: Abandoned mansion in the forest
      → Lives with Tamamo, Otohime(?), and Poridae
    » Age: 19 ( Almost 20 ) 
    » Gender: Female
    » Height: 5'6
      →   Is 5'8 with horns ; 5'11 with heels
    » »Weight: 130 lbs 
    » Race: Ram/Sheep mutation
    » Team: N/A
    » Weapon: Axe wrapped with a broken bead pendant/Spirits
    » Job: Kagami Kami servant/Trapper
      → Servant of Susano'o
      → Sells furs, bones, and meat from the spoils she doesn't collect

    » Skills:
      » Keen senses 
        Hearing, scent, sight, and speed is amplified due to her sheep genes. 
      » Spiritual powers
        Explanation in weapons.
      » Able to perform a variety of circus tricks/Acrobatic
        Knows a range of acrobatic tricks due to being vigorously trained at a young age. Brutal speed, quick reflexes, and ability to pick apart opponent's guard makes her useful in a fight. Can pick up fighting techniques rather quickly, though her blows are not the strongest, she tries to makeu p for it. Often uses skills in battle, and prefers to fight dirty and messily, unless the situation calls for otherwise.
      » Pretty voice
        Usually uses a blunt tone when speaking, though when comfortable, voice is gentle and slightly melancholic. Can lull those who can't sleep with ease.
      » Weaponry/Attack Skills
        Can throw, slash, and stab. Arms are sturdy and strong due to use. Uses bead pendant to swing axe around, though she may accidently tangle herself on occasion. Has experience from using various weapons/combat techniques when she was young. Prefers to fight dirty street fighter style, though if she puts effort she can be graceful and deadly as well.
      » Intelligent
        Generally smart, though a bit more street smart than book smart. Has gained little facets of knowledge from reading and past experiences. Has large amounts of knowledge about surviving, as most of her life she has been struggling to stay alive.
      » High pain tolerance 
        Due to excessive physical abuse, has grown used to large amounts of pain, and can be subjected to extreme amounts before giving in.

    » Weaknesses:
      » Horns
        A simple bump or rub will have her on the ground. Horns are extremely sensitive, and only a select few have permission to touch them at any given time. 
      » Blindspot
        Tore out eye a few years ago and wears an eyepatch over the wound. Can be snuck up upon if assailant is extremely careful.
      » Worrywart
        →  During spare time, will often stress over issues she has no control over, causing negative emotions to wreck havoc.
      » Her past
        After experiencing her illusion, has decided to let go of her past, though she still does have problems truly accepting some events in her life with peace.
      » Moody/Rough
        Can drive others away with her conflicting emotions. Positive and kind once, and then suspicious and negative the next. Usually makes no effort to apologize. Doesn't really bother with a polite or proper tone of voice.
      » Hospitals/Labs
        Sees her fear of labs as a result of not letting go of her past, and attempts not to resist as often if asked to go to something reminiscent of a lap/hospital. If too frightened, will go into a breakdown.
      » Sensitivity
        Despite the perks of her increased scent and hearing, loud noises will startle and disorient her, as well as clashing or strong smells. Don't touch her boobs either. Smallest little bump may have her fall over.
      » Unexpected affection
        Is unused to any affection of the sort, especially unexpected attacks of them. If a close friend is doing so, will accept it. 

    » Weapons Explanation:
      » Spirits
        Able to connect and communicate with a certain set of spirits and channel their powers through herself. Spirits are usually rude and fussy, though they do worry about her safety. The ease of which she can access them is determined by how positive/negative her relationship with the spirits are. Can transport items by snapping fingers. Major items require suitable sacrifices, and drains her energy. If her mind is clouded by negative emotions, such as sadness or fear, she will not be able to control her powers well. Additionally, if she is enraged or very upset, she will lose even more control, causing objects around her to be affected. Can become a host body to one spirit, but it doesn't last long, and drains her of all her energy. Spirits cannot feel pain or exhaustion in her body and will stop at nothing to destroy the opponent, even if Ovis dies in the process. Will continue to animate her body until time period is up.

    » Likes:
      → Dead things
      → Reading/Doodling
      → Meat
      → Butts
      → Hunting
      → Being useful
      → Stars
      → Teasing
      → Sleeping in the sun
      → The outside

    » Dislikes:
      → The cold
      → Suddenly remembering an unpleasant memory
      → Fruit
      → Lamb meat
      → Being commanded
      → Large open places
      → Feeling weak/alone/useless/left behind
      → Those who dare to hurt the ones she cares about
      → Being forced to sleep

    » Personality:
      Due to the grim conditions she was forced in early on in her life, Ovis is untrusting and suspicious of strangers. She tries to be more open, but struggles despite her attempts. Her mood swings back and forth, and perhaps if you're lucky, you'll be able to catch her during a good mood and make friends. The sheep can never easily trust anyone, preferring to do important things by herself. However, she is extremely loyal to any close friend of hers, and would give her own life for them. Around friends, she's humorous, loud, and occasionally affectionate. She deeply cares for her friends, but often dislikes being obvious about it, afraid of coming off as overbearing. Ovis is often blunt, seeing how there's no point to beat around the bush. Very nervous when dealing with romantic feelings of any kind, as she's afraid that people will leave her like they have before. However, if she is comfortable around her partner, she can be vulgar without shame, though she does get embarassed if the person is vulgar back.
        The sheep is also prone to bouts of gloominess, often caused by her listening to the spirits inhabiting her head. Ovis is extremely insecure about herself, and occasionally has strong feelings of inadequacy, often thinking: "Everything's going to go wrong", or "I can't do anything right." Though she is perfectly fine with being alone, she dislikes feeling alone, and will occasionally go off to socialize if possible. It will take a lot for her to hate you more than just strong dislike, since she doesn't deem anyone she has met to be so awful she would hate. You cannot be possibly worse than the monsters in her past, right?

    » History: 
      Ovis spent the first 12 years of her life in a lab. Various children lived there, those who were abandoned, orphaned, or they were...created. Right there in the lab. Ovis was created, not born, by scientists. A clump of various cells, bits of pieces of all races included in them, matured and grown right in the lab, that is what Ovis is. The scientists could easily create copies of her, their only difference being their appearance, gender, personalities, and the number on their shoulders. Until she was 6, she was prepped and examined regularly, to prepare herself for something the scientists called: "game-changing". Due to her lack of value, she was treated less kindly than the other patients, placed in a room where she could hear all the screaming from the other children, and given little food. None of the children were educated or directly spoken to, unless given orders. Just on her birthday, she was taken to a room, strapped down, and experimented on several times, several, several times, until she was exactly what the scientists wanted. A mutant. Straight, black hair turned half-white and curly, green round eyes became heightened with sight, pupils narrowed, ears and horns sprouted, and a single tail grew. She was a freak of nature. A hybrid. A human/sheep. Ovis suffered a great deal of pain that day. Having odd things sprout from you is not a walk in the park, of course. After she was successful, she had no more value. Sheeps did not hold importance. They could create lions, gorilla mutants, powerful mutants that could walk the ground, change society itself. So they set off to do just that. She was used a side tool, testing out painkillers, drugs, poisons, examining organs to see how they were affected. 

        Soon, after 6 years of experiments and merciless pain, she was sent off to an "adoption" center for useless mutants, where she stayed for a year, learning the basics. The sheep was then bought by a circus master who took a liking to her, and made her his personal weapon. If she wasn't doing a show, in her exhibit cage, eating, training, or anything like that, she was to accompany him everywhere. She washed his clothes, dishes, and even him sometimes. Made into his perfect little pet. The master was powerful. Powerful enough to send out assassins with little consequence. He sent her out to take care of those he disliked, and she always came back, covered in blood and sucessful. In fact, perhaps the sheep even liked the killing. Seeing the life fade out of another's eyes, knowing you dominated them, it was the best feeling she had ever felt, and she relished in it. However much she despised the circus life and her master, she was bound there. There was no chance for a mutant like her outside of this life. It was simple. Kill, or be killed. She killed friends, strangers, women, children, everyone and everyone was not exempt from her "justice". Humans like them made her sick. They came to the shows, threw rotten fruit and jeered at her, often making lewd or degrading comments. All hope for the sheep to be compassionate or caring was lost until she met an albino lioness, Sucre. She eventually fell in love with the girl, and become more rebellious to her master and feeling more guilty when she took a life. Soon, she found out that the lion was dying, and desperately tried to find a cure, but to no avail. Ovis was ordered to kill her, but refused, and the lion died in pain. 

        Afterwards, the sheep closed herself to others, going back to her old ways, until she was introduced to Vicugna, an alpaca mutation who she had saved when he was tossed out of  car, tendons cut. The transformation had taken more of a toll on him than her, giving him furry alpaca legs instead of the usual minimal features. Despite her initial rudeness to him, she had been softened by Sucre, and soon befriended the boy. He taught her how to read, write, and sing, and became her crutch. When she was 16, he convinced her to run away with him, and so she did. However, they were caught by the circus master, and beaten black and blue, receiving multiple injuries, such as Ovis's missing eye. Vicugna, while trying to protect Ovis and kill their enemy, was captured and the sheep ran away, not looking back once. She wandered, learning things, maturing, and tried to forget about the grim events in her life. Soon enough, she came upon Alice's castle. And then a whole clusterfuck of things happened, and now she's in Fabula. Is she gonna find her purpose or what? We just do not know the answer! jk im still figuring that shit out bitch 

    »Relationship status: Currently in a relationship with Tamamo
    »Orientation: Pansexual

    » Relationships: Ovis New Relationship Chart by RoseCrown

    » Other Additional Info:

      →  Birthday: November 20
      Voice of choice: Ashley Lyons;…
      → Gets slightly uncomfortable when others cry in front of her, and dislikes crying in front of anyone, seeing it as a sign of weakness
→ Biggest boobs since ever; continues to grow slowly, but steadily
→ Has ovine traits: Oval pupils, ears, horns, and a docked tail
→ Falls asleep when she takes pills
→ Keeps her hair long to cover the scars on her back. Dislikes showing them to anyone who she isn't familiar with.
→ When not paying attention, sheep traits will slip out, such as baaing. 
→ Occasionally will have flashbacks of her past; Busies herself when that happens to forget
→ The number 52 holds special meaning to her. She was branded no. 0052 in the lab, has killed 52 people, and most of her things are in the quanties of 52. 
→ Lewd, and likes to read porn occasionally

    » RP TACTICS: → Mostly chatroom → Skype/Notes/Comments is fine too! → Etc. I am fine with almost everything, so just ask! ;u; → If you would like to rp, please go ahead and say so! I barely am able to muster up any courage to ask anyone gomen,,, :iconordo-fabula: belongs to *Kiwi-Ink !
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